Appointment Check-in and Screening with Centrik

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April 20, 2022

Appointment booking through Centrik’s patient app offers a streamlined check-in and screening process for both patients and practices.

Using Medtech’s ALEX (Application Layer EXchange) platform, Centrik allows app users to view and book appointments with their general practitioner.

When appointments are booked via the app, check-in and screening can be easily facilitated prior to patients entering the practice. Patients will receive two appointment reminders on their device, one 24 hours before their appointment and another 30 minutes before. From the thirty minute reminder, patients are prompted to check-in and answer COVID-19 screening questions.

Once patients complete the screening questions and check-in, the appointment status of the patient is set to ‘arrived’ in the patient management system, advising the GP team that the patient is onsite. The patient can then enter for their appointment. Patients who answer ‘yes’ to any of the screening questions are asked to remain outside and call reception for further instructions.

Handling this process in-app before a patient arrives reduces time in reception and provides practice staff with assurance that patient screening has been completed, resulting in a more efficient and streamlined experience.

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