Combat outstanding debt by capturing upfront payment for appointments and prescription requests

Provide patients with one seamless process to pay for prescription requests and appointments, reducing administrative time spent chasing payment and reconciling bank deposits. The integrated process is easy to use, providing a modern and familiar experience.


Payment gateway incorporated into the script request or appointment booking process for patients.


Pricing configurable by provider.


Variable appointment pricing based on age or enrolment status, or for after hours and weekend services.


Configure script request pricing, including for Community Service Card (CSC) and High Use Health Card (HUHC) holders.


Securely save credit card details for future payments.

Integrated with global payment processing platform Stripe for a secure and scalable solution.

“Pre-payment via the app has reduced time from request to issuing so that, on most occasions, we can get the prescription to the pharmacy within a working day. As most of our aged debt consisted of unpaid prescription charges, we no longer have to chase these up. All-in-all, pre-payment has proven to be a great feature for both the patients and the practice.”


Medical Centre Manager, Richmond Health Centre

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