Medication request approval status rolls out to Centrik

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October 9, 2023

Patients whose general practice currently use one of Centrik’s patient portal apps – Well, Better Health Outcomes, or The Doctors app – will be able to receive updates and view the status of their medication request in the app and online patient portal.

The medication request status is a further step towards empowering patients with ownership over their healthcare journey.

Patients will have visibility of their requests in the Medications area of the patient app and online portal. From here they can view details of their request including the collection method and location, any comments, and the status of the request.

When a medication request is made, the status will display as ‘request sent’, meaning it has been received by their general practice. Once reviewed, the status will update to either ‘approved’, ‘some medications approved’, or ‘declined’.

Where one or more medications are declined, patients can view which medications and the reason they were declined, allowing for them to follow up with next steps.

Along with viewing this information in the app, patients will also receive a push notification from the app and an email when the status of their request is updated.

Once a patient collects their medication from the pharmacy, they can park the request as 'collected'.

For general practice teams, the medication request is received in the practice management system (PMS), with standards-based integration using FHIR and the Medtech ALEX® platform. From here a practitioner can review and then approve or decline a request, or only approve some medications within a request.   

The medication request statuses will be visible to general practice teams in the Centrik Web Console. Administrative users can see the status of each patient request while clinical users can also see the medication prescribed and the reason for any declined requests.

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