Repeat Prescriptions rolling out on Centrik

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March 2, 2022

A busy start to 2022 with the team working hard to roll out some exciting functionality to Centrik – repeat prescriptions! The new feature is something we’re pretty proud to see coming to fruition and we’re looking forward to it going live this month.

The new functionality, using Medtech’s ALEX® (Application Layer EXchange) platform, allows patients to request a repeat prescription from a complete history of their medications. This goes beyond what is currently available in existing patient portals, which limit the selection to long-term or active medications. Allowing repeat requests for any previously prescribed medications empowers patients to have ownership of their healthcare and removes the need to book an appointment to request seasonal medications such as allergy treatments, saving both patients and healthcare providers time. When requesting a repeat, patients can include a note for their healthcare provider to streamline the processing of the request. 

Patients will be advised if their selected medication has been prescribed recently, as a repeat may already be available at the pharmacy. If the patient has not seen their GP in the last six months, they will be alerted to this and have the option to book an appointment directly within the app. Patients will also have the ability to select which pharmacy to collect their medication from, or they can choose to pick up the prescription from their GP. 

By including detailed information on the repeat request, Centrik greatly improves the experience from an administration perspective. Along with notes from the patient, the repeat request will also detail when the patient’s last GP appointment was, as well as when medication was last prescribed and if it is long-term. This allows for potential issues to be identified and resolved quickly and easily without having to access the patient file. 

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