Six partners live on Medtech’s interoperability platform

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October 10, 2021

Six partner companies are live and testing their applications with general practices, using Medtech’s new ALEX® (Application Layer EXchange) platform.

ALEX® uses Microsoft’s Azure FHIR® software to enable secure integration into the Medtech32 and Medtech Evolution patient management systems.

The six partners that are currently piloting the platform are: ConnectMed (patient portal), Florence Digital (checkin kiosk), Jayex (checkin kiosk), Houston Intellimed (checkin kiosk), Webtools Health (patient engagement tools), and Heartbeat Health (patient record app).

The Heartbeat app provides patients with a summary of their health information and allows them to securely share that summary with third parties when they want to. Heartbeat was the first to go live and is currently in beta trials with health and life insurance companies. Webtools partnered with Heartbeat Health to bring the app to market.

“ALEX® has really enabled us to create the patient driven consent and controls that we needed ,” says Heartbeat product owner and chief executive of Webtools Health Harry Hawke.


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